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DEQ Working to Improve Organizational Structure and Permit Processes, But Targeted Adjustments and a Permit Performance Management System Are Still Needed (November 2019)


At the agency level, the Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ’s) average span of control and total organizational layers in 2019 remain similar to 2016 levels. Five of DEQ’s 20 organizational units contain higher levels of narrow spans and more organizational layers than recommended, with the Division of Marine Fisheries presenting the greatest potential for structural issues. Although decentralization of permit processing enables units to meet varied permit requirements, granting such autonomy absent a permit performance management system limits DEQ’s ability to ensure processes are efficient and effective. DEQ’s Permitting Transformation Project offers a way to build such a system.

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Relevant Legislation:

  • H1049/S714 – An act to improve the organizational structure of DEQ by directing it to examine certain organizational units with spans of control less than the recommended threshold and to develop a formal business plan for the PTP as well as a performance management plan for permit processes that includes a data management system sufficient to support the PTP and the performance management plan. This legislation was not enacted.

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