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A Three-Year Emissions Inspection Exemption Would Save North Carolina Motorists $9.6 Million (March 2012)


The Program Evaluation Division's December 2008 report Doubtful Return on the Public's $141 Million Investment in Poorly Managed Vehicle Inspection Programs recommended a three-year emissions inspection exemption for cars from the three newest model years. A March 2012 joint study by DOT's Division of Motor Vehicles and DENR's Division of Air Quality estimated impacts on atmospheric pollutant levels using two scenarios: a three-year emissions inspection exemption identical to the 2008 recommendation, or a complete elimination of emissions inspections. The joint study recommends the three-year exemption. PED also now finds that the three-year exemption would save North Carolina motorists $9.6 million annually, but would require changes to General Statutes and to the State's Clean Air Act implementation plan. The exemption could take effect as early as January 1, 2014.

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Relevant Legislation:

  • S.L. 2012-199: Exempted vehicles of the three newest model years and with less than seventy thousand miles from emissions inspections.

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