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Inadequate Data and Fleet Information Management Weaken Accountability for North Carolina's Vehicles (December 2011)


North Carolina lacks adequate information to determine the appropriate size and mix of state-owned motor vehicles for state government needs. Although state agencies and institutions can provide data on the number, use, and cost of their fleets, the State does not have a central data source to verify the accuracy of this information. State agencies and institutions are not required to collect the necessary data for vehicle utilization assessments. As a result, many do not collect this information at all. This report recommends directing state agencies and institutions to update vehicle registration records for all state-owned vehicles and requiring collection and reporting of vehicle information through a statewide fleet management system.

Final Report

Executive Summary



Relevant Legislation:

  • Session Law 2013-360 directed the Office of the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) to develop an implementation plan for establishing a statewide motor fleet management system and to study the feasibility of implementing a tracking system for state vehicles

Agency Actions:

  • Vehicle inventory management. DOA expanded Motor Fleet Management’s fleet management information system to incorporate vehicle ownership information for vehicles owned by executive cabinet agencies; established procedures to ensure that license plates and vehicle titles are removed from DMV systems when a state-owned vehicle is sold or disposed; established a standard naming convention for registering vehicles with DMV; and maintains title and registration for all cabinet agency vehicles.

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