Action Code Abbreviations Used
in the Bill Status System

ADOPTED -- Adopted
AMEND ADOPTED -- Amendment adopted
AMEND FAILED -- Amendment failed
AMEND PENDING -- Amendment pending
AMEND TABLED -- Amendment tabled
AMEND RECON -- Amendment reconsidered
AMENDMENT WITHDRAWN -- Amendment withdrawn
CAL PURSUANT RULE 36(B) -- Calendared pursuant to House Rule 36(b)
CLINCHER MOTION ADOPTED -- Clincher motion adopted
COM SUBSTITUTE ADOPTED -- Committee substitute adopted
COM SUBSTITUTE AMENDED -- Committee substitute amended
COM SUBSTITUTE FAILED -- Committee substitute failed to be adopted
CONCURRED IN H AMEND -- Senate concurred in House amendment(s)
CONCURRED IN H/COM SUB -- Senate concurred in House committee substitute
CONCURRED IN S AMEND -- House concurred in Senate amendment(s)
CONCURRED IN S/COM SUB -- House concurred in Senate committee substitute
CONCURRED ON 2ND READING -- Concurred in amendment(s) or substitute on 2nd reading
CONCURRED ON 3RD READING -- Concurred in amendment(s) or substitute on 3rd reading
CONF COM APPOINTED -- Conference committee appointed
CONF COM REPORTED -- Conference committee reported
CONF REPORT ADOPTED -- Conference committee report adopted
CONF REPORT FAILED -- Conference committee report failed to be adopted
FAILED 2ND READING -- Failed 2nd reading
FAILED 3RD READING -- Failed 3rd reading
FAILED CONCUR IN COM SUB -- Failed to concur in committee substitute
FAILED CONCUR IN H AMEND -- Senate failed to concur in House amendment(s)
FAILED CONCUR IN S AMEND -- House failed to concur in Senate amendment(s)
HELD AS FILED -- Held as filed
LAST ACTION RECONSIDERED -- Last action reconsidered
MIN REPORT ADOPTED -- Minority report adopted
MIN REPORT AMENDED -- Minority report amended
MIN REPORT FAILED -- Minority report failed to be adopted
ORIG BILL FAILED -- Original bill failed
PASSED 2ND & 3RD READING -- Passed 2nd and 3rd readings
PASSED 2ND READING -- Passed 2nd reading
PASSED 3RD READING -- Passed 3rd reading
PLACED ON CAL FOR -- Placed on the calendar
POSTPONED INDEFINITELY -- Postponed indefinitely
POSTPONED TO -- Postponed to
R -- Ratified
RATIFIED CH. -- Ratified: Chapter Number
RATIFIED RES. -- Ratified: Resolution Number
RE-REF COM ON -- Re-referred to the committee named
REC TO CONCUR S COM SUB -- Recommend to concur in Senate committee substitute
REC TO CONCUR H COM SUB -- Recommend to concur in House committee substitute
REC TO CONCUR IN H AMEND -- Recommend to concur in House amendment(s)
REC TO CONCUR IN S AMEND -- Recommend to concur in Senate amendment(s)
RECALL FROM PREVIOUS COM -- Recalled from previous committee
RECALLED FROM COM -- Recalled from committee
RECALLED FROM ENGROSSING -- Recalled from Engrossing
RECALLED FROM ENROLLING -- Recalled from Enrolling
RECALLED FROM HOUSE -- Recalled from House
RECALLED FROM SENATE -- Recalled from Senate
REC FROM HOUSE -- Received from House
REC FROM SENATE -- Received from Senate
RECON 3RD & 2ND READINGS -- Reconsidered 3rd and 2nd readings
RECONSIDERED 2ND READING -- Reconsidered 2nd reading
RECONSIDERED 3RD READING -- Reconsidered 3rd reading
RECONSIDERED COM SUB -- Reconsidered committee substitute
REF TO COM ON -- Referred to committee named
REMOVED FROM CAL -- Removed from the Calendar
REMOVED FROM UNFAV CAL -- Removed from the Unfavorable Calendar
REPTD FAV -- Reported favorably by committee
REPTD FAV AS AMENDED -- Reported favorably by committee as amended
REPTD FAV COM SUB AMEND -- Reported favorably by committee substitute as amended
REPTD FAV COM SUBSTITUTE -- Reported favorably by committee substitute
REPTD FAV TO CONCUR -- Reported favorably to concur
REPTD UNFAV FOR CONC -- Reported unfavorably for concurrence
REPTD UNFAV -- Reported unfavorably by committee
REPTD UNFAV W/MIN REPORT -- Reported unfavorably with a minority report
REPTD AS AMEND W/O PREJ -- Reported as amended without prejudice
REPTD COM SUB W/O PREJUD -- Reported as committee substitute without prejudice
REPTD WITHOUT PREJUDICE -- Reported without prejudice
TABLED -- Tabled
TAKEN FROM TABLE -- Taken from the table
WITHDRAWN FROM CAL -- Withdrawn from the Calendar
WITHDRAWN FROM COMM -- Withdrawm from committee
AMENDS RULED MATERIAL -- Amendments ruled material
HELD AS MATERIAL -- Held as material
COM SUB RULED MATERIAL -- Committee substitute ruled material
INCORPORATED -- Incorporated

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