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Senate Telephone And Office Assignments
2015-2016 Session
(Room/Phone Assignments Subject To Change)
North Carolina General Assembly
Raleigh, NC 27601-2808

FAX: 733-2599 (Room 7)FAX: 733-3113 (Room 109) and 715-5815 (Room 618)

Sen. John M. Alexander, Jr. 2115 LB(919)
Sen. Tom Apodaca 2010 LB(919)
Sen. Chad Barefoot 308 LOB(919)
Sen. Tamara Barringer 620 LOB(919)
Sen. Phil Berger 2007 LB(919)
Sen. Stan Bingham 625 LOB(919)
Sen. Dan Blue 1117 LB(919)
Sen. Andrew C. Brock 523 LOB(919)
Sen. Harry Brown 300-B LOB(919)
Sen. Angela R. Bryant 516 LOB(919)
Sen. Ben Clark 1118 LB(919)
Sen. Bill Cook 525 LOB(919)
Sen. David L. Curtis 410 LOB(919)
Sen. Warren Daniel 623 LOB(919)
Sen. Don Davis 519 LOB(919)
Sen. Jim Davis 408-B LOB(919)
Sen. Joel D. M. Ford 1119 LB(919)
Sen. Valerie P. Foushee 517 LOB(919)
Sen. Rick Gunn 312 LOB(919)
Sen. Kathy Harrington 300-C LOB(919)
Sen. Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr. 627 LOB(919)
Sen. Ralph Hise 1026 LB(919)
Sen. Jeff Jackson 1104 LB(919)
Sen. Brent Jackson 2022 LB(919)
Sen. Joyce Krawiec 2117 LB(919)
Sen. Michael V. Lee 2111 LB(919)
Sen. Tom McInnis 2106 LB(919)
Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr. 629 LOB(919)
Sen. Wesley Meredith 314 LOB(919)
Sen. E. S. (Buck) Newton 621 LOB(919)
Sen. Louis Pate 1028 LB(919)
Sen. Ronald J. Rabin 411 LOB(919)
Sen. Bill Rabon 311 LOB(919)
Sen. Shirley B. Randleman 628 LOB(919)
Sen. Gladys A. Robinson 1120 LB(919)
Sen. Bob Rucho 300-A LOB(919)
Sen. Norman W. Sanderson 406 LOB(919)
Sen. Jane W. Smith 520 LOB(919)
Sen. Erica Smith-Ingram 1121 LB(919)
Sen. Dan Soucek 310 LOB(919)
Sen. Josh Stein 1113 LB(919)
Sen. Jeff Tarte 2108 LB(919)
Sen. Jerry W. Tillman 309 LOB(919)
Sen. Tommy Tucker 1127 LB(919)
Sen. Terry Van Duyn 1025 LB(919)
Sen. Joyce Waddell 1102 LB(919)
Sen. Trudy Wade 521 LOB(919)
Sen. Andy Wells 2113 LB(919)
Sen. Mike Woodard 518 LOB(919)