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House Telephone And Office Assignments
2013-2014 Session
(Room/Phone Assignments Subject To Change)
House of Representatives
North Carolina General Assembly
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

FAX: 733-2599 (Room 7)FAX: 733-3113 (Room 109) and 715-5815 (Room 618)

Rep. Kelly M. Alexander, Jr.404
Rep. Dean Arp531
Rep. Marilyn Avila2217
Rep. Nathan Baskerville1315
Rep. John R. Bell, IV418A
Rep. Larry M. Bell508
Rep. Hugh Blackwell541
Rep. John M. Blust2208
Rep. James L. Boles, Jr.528
Rep. Marcus Brandon1217
Rep. C. Robert Brawley303
Rep. William Brawley534
Rep. William D. Brisson405
Rep. Mark Brody2219
Rep. Brian Brown604
Rep. Rayne Brown633
Rep. Rob Bryan536
Rep. Dana Bumgardner608
Rep. Justin P. Burr307A
Rep. Becky Carney1221
Rep. Rick Catlin638
Rep. George G. Cleveland417A
Rep. Jeff Collins1106
Rep. Debra Conrad606
Rep. Tricia Ann Cotham403
Rep. Carla D. Cunningham1109
Rep. N. Leo Daughtry2207
Rep. Ted Davis, Jr.418B
Rep. Jimmy Dixon416B
Rep. Josh Dobson1006
Rep. Nelson Dollar307B1
Rep. Beverly M. Earle514
Rep. Jeffrey Elmore306A3
Rep. John Faircloth613
Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield1220
Rep. Susan C. Fisher504
Rep. Elmer Floyd1325
Rep. Carl Ford607
Rep. Rosa U. Gill1303
Rep. Rick Glazier1021
Rep. Ken Goodman542
Rep. Charles Graham1309
Rep. George Graham1317
Rep. Mike Hager304
Rep. Duane Hall1019
Rep. Larry D. Hall506
Rep. Susi H. Hamilton1313
Rep. Edward Hanes, Jr.1305
Rep. Jon Hardister632
Rep. Pricey Harrison1218
Rep. Kelly E. Hastings2123
Rep. Yvonne Lewis Holley1211
Rep. Mark W. Hollo639
Rep. Bryan R. Holloway305
Rep. D. Craig Horn419A
Rep. Julia C. Howard302
Rep. Pat B. Hurley532
Rep. Frank Iler637
Rep. Verla Insko502
Rep. Darren G. Jackson1013
Rep. Charles Jeter1002
Rep. Linda P. Johnson301D
Rep. Ralph C. Johnson1219 LB919-733-5902
Rep. Bert Jones416A
Rep. Jonathan C. Jordan420
Rep. Donny Lambeth610
Rep. James H. Langdon, Jr.417B
Rep. David R. Lewis1326
Rep. Marvin W. Lucas509
Rep. Paul Luebke513
Rep. Chris Malone603
Rep. Grier Martin1023
Rep. Susan Martin306C
Rep. Pat McElraft634
Rep. Chuck McGrady419B
Rep. Allen McNeill418C
Rep. Graig R. Meyer1111
Rep. Henry M. Michaux, Jr.1227
Rep. Chris Millis609
Rep. Annie W. Mobley501
Rep. Tim D. Moffitt2119
Rep. Rodney W. Moore1213
Rep. Tim Moore2301
Rep. Tom Murry2121
Rep. Brig Gen (R) Gary Pendleton602
Rep. Garland E. Pierce1204
Rep. Larry G. Pittman1321
Rep. Michele D. Presnell1025
Rep. Joe Sam Queen1017
Rep. Nathan Ramsey1004
Rep. Robert T. Reives, II1319
Rep. Bobbie Richardson1209
Rep. Dennis Riddell533
Rep. Stephen M. Ross1010
Rep. Jason Saine402
Rep. Ruth Samuelson2226
Rep. Jacqueline Michelle Schaffer1323
Rep. Mitchell S. Setzer2204
Rep. Phil Shepard530
Rep. Michael Speciale1008
Rep. Paul Stam612
Rep. Edgar V. Starnes301F
Rep. Bob Steinburg306A2
Rep. Sarah Stevens635
Rep. Mike C. Stone529
Rep. John Szoka2223
Rep. Evelyn Terry1015
Rep. Thom Tillis2304
Rep. Paul Tine1307
Rep. Joe P. Tolson510
Rep. John A. Torbett538
Rep. Rena W. Turner1104
Rep. Ken Waddell1311
Rep. Harry Warren611
Rep. Andy Wells2221
Rep. Roger West1229
Rep. Chris Whitmire537
Rep. W. A. (Winkie) Wilkins1301
Rep. Michael H. Wray503
Rep. Roger Younts1206