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Opportunities Exist to Increase the Accountability and Independence of the Board of Review (March 2016)


Session Law 2015-238 directed PED to study the value of the Board of Review, the entity that hears higher authority appeals of unemployment benefit determinations. PED found that elimination of the higher authority appeals function or the Board would not result in any General Fund savings and that both the function and the entity provide benefits. However, the Board is dependent on Division of Employment Security (DES) staff, lacks policies and procedures, and does not track necessary data. The General Assembly should transfer staff from DES to the Board; direct the Board to develop policies and procedures; and direct DES to work with the Board to track and collect necessary data.

Final Report

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Relevant Legislation:

  • House Bill 961/Senate Bill 781 (2015–16): An act to enhance the independence and efficiency of the Board of Review, as recommended by the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee. This legislation was not enacted.

Press Coverage:

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