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Measurability Assessment

Project Scope: As directed by Session Law 2016-123, the General Assembly may require a measurability assessment (an independent evaluation) of any proposed or existing state program to determine whether the program is or will be capable of reporting performance and return on investment. The Program Evaluation Division must establish standards for assessor qualifications and for conducting and reporting measurability assessments; use a competitive process to prequalify independent measurability assessors; and select assessors.

Project Mandate: Session Law 2016-123

Agency or Agencies Under Review: N/A

Project Lead: Kiernan McGorty

Status Report for Week Ending April 28, 2017:

  • Creating program documents, including a guidebook and assessment forms.
  • Surveying legislators on programs they want assessed
Program Evaluation Division, North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Office Building, Suite 100
300 North Salisbury Street , Raleigh, NC 27603-5925