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Newspapers.  We have many newspapers in print format available in the library including the N&O, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, all of which are delivered daily.  We also subscribe to North Carolina's larger town newspapers. These papers are mailed to us via "snail mail."  This means that they run as much as a week behind.  Click here for our current newspapers.

Don't forget that we also have access to many local state and national newspapers online via NewsLink, NCLIVE, which is a collection of databases we get through the State Library, and Westlaw.  We also have a webpage devoted to news.  If you have any questions about the library's newspaper holdings or if you need help locating or accessing an article...please don't hesitate to come by or give us a call.

Now Available...2016 Summaries!
The Legislative Analysis Division's 2016 Summaries of Substantive Ratified Legislation is now available on the NCGA website.  Click here to view summaries of all substantive public law provisions and certain local legislation having general import from the 2016 Regular Session.

You may also access the Summaries from the Legislative Publications link on the Library webpage.

Have questions about the 2016 Summaries? Please don't hesitate to come by, email us or give us a call.  We’re here to help you!
Looking for North Carolina Executive Orders Online? We Can Help You.

Current NC Executive Orders can be found at the Governor's website.

An archive of Executive Orders (2001-2012) is available through the North Carolina Digital Collections.

Since 1973, Executive Orders have been published as an appendix to the printed Session Laws of North Carolina.  The digitized versions of each volume of the Session Laws can be found at the State Library's website.

As always… if you need help tracking down elusive information, ask a member of the Library staff!

Looking for 2016 Legislative Session Statistics?
The Library has compiled a chart beginning with the 1965 session through 2016 showing convening and adjournment dates, bill introductions, ratifications, and session length statistics for all regular and extra sessions.  You can find this chart at our Library’s Research page under Historical Resources or click here.
What Bills Are Left on the Governor’s Desk?

Wondering what bills are still awaiting the Governor’s action?  Click here to find out.

Our Most Popular Research Guides!

These useful Guides will make your legislative research more efficient and effective.

Legislative History Step-By-Step:  Guide to the legislative process and resources for researching the history of a North Carolina bill or statute.

Local Government Charters:  Guide to finding local government charters, ordinances, and forms of local government.

Have a Question? Need more help?  That’s why we’re here!  Give us a call at 733-9390.

Curious about NCGA Committees?

Click here or use the link below to go to the NCGA Committees page where you can find committees by name, browse committees by type and sign up to receive committee meeting notices via email. Any questions… call the Legislative Library at 733-9390.


Online Statutes Updated!

The Statutes on the North Carolina General Assembly website have been updated to reflect changes made in the 2015 Session.  Click here to go to the Statutes.
Curious about NCGA Committees?
Click here or use the link below to go to the NCGA Committees page where you can find committees by name, browse committees by type and sign up to receive committee meeting notices via email.  

Any questions…call the Legislative Library at 733-9390.

Looking for Biographical Information about General Assembly Members?

The North Carolina Manual, published by the N. C. Department of the Secretary of State, is a popular resource for biographical summaries of members and officials of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of state government. Published biennially since the early 1900s, this reference also contains historical data and descriptions of North Carolina’s state agencies.  We have 1915 to date in our collection; earlier years are available at the State LibraryCome by and browse what we have!
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